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Wi-Tek WI-PMS312GF-I Industrial PoE Switch 8 Gigabit + 4 Manageable SFP



Industrial PoE switch for wireless video surveillance

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Implement wireless video surveillance anywhere, with complete confidence.

Combined with our strong knowledge of the wireless solutions market, the industrial grade switch provides the necessary switching power in a powerless and harsh environment for wireless video surveillance applications.

WI-PMS312GF-I is a 12-port Full Gigabit Managed Switch industrial switch. Provide
8 * 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet ports, 4 * 1000BASE-X SFP (Uplink) ports. The switch
Provides up to 4Mbit cache, supports 4K high definition video streaming. Supports Web-based network management, supports VLAN, QoS, RSTP, SNMP, etc. network function;

The working temperature is -40 ^ 80, strong level of protection against lightning and interference. Fully meet the needs of the security video surveillance project. WI-PMS312GF-I has robust security and administration features. The IP-MAC-Port-VID

Industrial PoE Switch

The functions Binding and Access Control List ACL) protect against broadcasting storms, ARP
and denial of service (DoS) attacks, etc. The quality of service (QoS, L2 to L4) provides
Enhanced traffic management capabilities so that your data moves more smoothly and quickly. In addition, easy-to-use web management interfaces, along with CLI, SNMP, mean faster configuration and less downtime. For workgroups and departments that require a cost-sensitive level 2 switch and gigabit capacity, Wi-Tek L2 manages

The WI-PMS312GF-I switch supports fast ring, supports 30 Max switches. cascading
Self-healing in 20ms Min, offers you the ideal industrial solution.

Secure networks

Wi-Tek WI-PMS312GF-I provides IP-MAC-Port-VID Binding, Port Security, Storm
Control and DHCP Snooping that protect against transmission storms, ARP attacks, etc. Be
Integrates some typical DoS attacks to select. You can protect these attacks more easily
than ever before In addition, the Access Control Lists (ACL, L2 to L4) function restricts
access to sensitive network resources by denying source-based packets and
Destination MAC address, IP address, TCP / UDP ports and even VLAN ID. In addition, the
It supports 802.1X authentication, which is used in conjunction with a RADIUS system
to require certain authentication information before accessing the network.

Advanced QoS Features

To integrate voice, data and video services into a network, the switch applies sophisticated QoS policies. The administrator can designate traffic priority based on a variety of

means that it includes the IP or MAC address, the TCP or UDP port number, etc., to ensure that the voice
and the video are always clear, smooth and without fluctuations. Abundant Layer 2 Features
For greater application of Layer 2 switches, WI-PMS312GF-I supports a full range of products from
Layer 2, including 802.1Q tag VLAN, Port Isolation, Port Mirroring, STP / RSTP / MSTP, Link Aggregation Control Protocol and 802.3x Flow Control function. In addition, the switch provides advanced functions for network maintenance. Such
such as Loop Back Detection, Cable Diagnostics and IGMP Snooping. IGMP snooping
ensures that the switch intelligently resends the multicast stream only to the
while IGMP throttling and filtering restricts each subscriber at the port level to
prevent unauthorized access to multicast.

Multiple power options: solar, battery and power grid

Wide temperature range From -20 to 60

Sophisticated functions and intelligent management

8 * 10/100 / 1000Base-T RJ45 ports, 4 * 1000BASE-X SFP ports
Working temperature -40 ^ 80
Advanced QoS Features
Supports up to 4K VLANs simultaneously
159mm * 110mm * 46.5mm L * W * H


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Wi-Tek WI-PMS312GF-I Industrial PoE Switch 8 Gigabit + 4 Manageable SFP

Wi-Tek WI-PMS312GF-I Industrial PoE Switch 8 Gigabit + 4 Manageable SFP

Industrial PoE switch for wireless video surveillance

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