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Nest Cam Outdoor



Nest Cam for outdoors. Nest's weatherproof camera. Live video transmission, 24 hours 7 days. Easy to install.

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Nest Cam outdoors, safety in style
Outdoor Cam Nido is a camera that watches over your home 24/7, for all time. It is permanently connected to an outdoor outlet, there is no need to change batteries. It can send an alert to your phone when motion is detected and allows you to speak to visitors through the Nest app. Finally an exterior security camera worthy of the name.

An eye on your home, 24 hours / 24 and 7/7, for all time.
A security camera doesn't do things by halves. It should remain perfectly reliable even in inclement weather without giving your guests the feeling that they are being watched. Nest Cam outdoors offers an attractive, weather-resistant design and operates on AC to avoid battery worries.

Nest Cam records everything because you never know.
Some cameras are battery operated and cannot stay on continuously. Therefore, they do illuminate only when they detect movement. And if they lose something, too. With a Nest Aware subscription (sold separately), Nest Cam records continuously, 24/7, and securely stores up to 30 days of video in the cloud. Therefore, nothing that escapes.

Receive alerts when there is activity.
You cannot spend time in front of the video sequence. Nest Cam automatically detects suspicious movements and sounds (when someone breaks a door or smashes a window, for example). And if something suspicious Nest Cam, you will receive an alert on your mobile or email with an image that shows an important moment of the event. If you've missed an alert, the Nest app gives you free access to photos of activity for the last three hours.

Nest Cam distinguishes those from a cat or a branch.
Receive relevant alerts. Subscribing to Nest Aware for advanced cloud algorithms can detect the really important activities.

Person Alerts receives a specific alert when Nest Cam Outdoor detects a person, for example, when someone approaches the front door or enters a face of the camera field.
Activity areas: Receive alerts when there is movement in a large area (doors, bike racks, etc.).

Speaking and listening.
Nest Cam outdoor incorporates a microphone and speaker. So when you are not there you can scare off intruders or invite the driver to leave the package at the door.

Find out what has been lost.
If you ever miss an alert, you can always check the activity for the last three hours from the Nest app. If a thief approached your door, you can even see your photo.

Discover the world in high definition.
The quality of the camera is measured by the sharpness of its images. Some cameras are supposed to record in HD, but their smaller capacity sensors and plastic lenses don't offer optimal image quality. With the all-glass lens, Nest Cam offers 1080p high definition image quality, day or night.

share events.
Give your family the ability to access your Nest account so everyone can keep an eye on the house. You can also share the stream with your friends and neighbors, either public or password protected.

Designed to be easily installed.
Many wired external cameras are difficult to install, requiring the installation of WiFi or housings to pull cables through walls. Nest Cam Outdoor is designed to be easy to install yourself.

The Nest House
When you install new Nest products in your home, automatically working together and controlling all of them centrally, the Nest app:

- When you set the Nest Thermostat to "Away", Nest Cam turns on automatically. When set to "Start", the camera turns off.
- When Nest Protect detects smoke, Nest Cam will automatically record the events, even if you don't subscribe to Nest Aware.


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Nest Cam Outdoor

Nest Cam Outdoor

Nest Cam for outdoors. Nest's weatherproof camera. Live video transmission, 24 hours 7 days. Easy to install.


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