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DANALOCK V3 ZigBee - Bluetooth and ZigBee smart lock



Smart lock to use with your smartphone to open and close doors. Bluetooth lock and ZigBee controllable with both technologies, allows automatic opening / closing based on GPS and automatic closing after arriving home. Motorized locking assistance with Twist Assist. Easy personalization and administration of guests with 3 levels of differentiated access.

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ZigBee Si

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Danalock V3 BT and ZigBee. The most intelligent, smallest, safest, fastest and strongest lock

The Danalock V3 ZigBee home automation lock is a bluetooth lock . It is also a lock to be managed through the ZigBee smart home system . It has an integrated engine. It can be placed on the inside of the main door of your house, office or tourist apartment. You can control it with a smartphone (via ZigBee or directly via Bluetooth). The Danalock intelligent lock fits all doors with a mechanical cylinder with a European profile.

The Danalock V3 ZigBee home automation lock has a new elegant design that accumulates more than a decade of experience offering a product of supreme quality. Opening and closing the door using a smartphone with this Bluetooth lock also compatible ZigBee is no longer a problem.

Domotica lock - bluetooth lock - z wave lock

Setting new standards

The evolution of Danalock V3 ZigBee is based on the comments of loyal customers and the latest development in data security and cybersecurity for smart home technology and IoT.

Smaller, stronger and easier to install, the wireless lock thanks to Bluetooth and ZigBee, Danalock V3 ZigBee , takes the lead in the market of smart and wireless locks and sets new standards for the coming years.

Technological strength in smart lock

The easiest access

If you want others to have access to your home, your office or your holiday apartment or any other rental property, simply create and send permanent, recurring or temporary access codes through a text message or email.

Receive notifications when users accept your invitation and each time they use your smart lock.

Notification when the door is opened with smart lock

Know when your children come home

Do not be afraid to lose a key or forget the opening code of old systems again. Danalock makes it easy for your children to open and close the door, and you know exactly when the door is used and who uses it.

Know when relatives, tourists or tenants arrive

Easy to assemble

The assembly of the Danalock V3 is easier than it seems. For the installation of the lock, your existing cylinder is replaced by a Danalock cylinder (sold separately) and this new cylinder will be fitted with the bluetooth lock with the motor.

Installation Danalock V3 smart lock bluetooth


Interoperability has always been a cornerstone in Danalock products. The Danalock V3 ZigBee smart lock is by far the most versatile and flexible platform available today in the European market, and is setting new standards in cross-platform interoperability to even build new services.

AirBNB lock

The Airbnb booking service is fully integrated into the Danalock app.

Send highly encrypted virtual keys to tenants directly from the Danalock application. The keys are only valid during the rental period. Offer tenants easy access using their smartphones. Control all the use of the lock instantly.

Nest compatible lock The 'App' of the domotic Danalock lock, has an icon to integrate it with the Nest ecosystem. Clicking on the "Nest" icon opens the Nest website, where you can log in to integrate your Danalock with your Nest devices.
Harmony compatible lock Connecting your Danalock V3 home automation lock with a home automation system based on Harmony controllers is as easy as following an assistant.

High level security chip and AES 256 encryption

The Bluetooth lock and ZigBee Danalock V3, is equipped with a special TPM chip to handle all aspects of security. The chip stores encryption keys with an extremely high level of logical security. All keys are exchanged without private chip information.

The connections between the phone and the Danalock V3 home automation lock are made in a similar way to TLS 1.2, which is used by banks and cybersecurity systems around the world.

Cybersecurity IoT in smart lock


Turn the handle slightly and the door locks or unlocks. You can use the Twistassist function again 5 seconds after the Danalock smart lock has finished spinning.

Danalock Spain with Twist assist

Danalock makes your door smarter!

Danalock products offer a smart way to control and manage access to your home, office or rental property safely and conveniently. Simply close or unlock the door of your house with your smartphone, either Android or iPhone. With Danalock , you never have to worry about losing the keys.

The Danalock app also offers you many interesting features and allows you total control over who accessed, when and for how long you stayed at home.

Thanks to the most advanced encryption technology and the easy and simple administration of managing users and their access, the connected intelligent "wifi" lock, Danalock V3 provides an incredibly greater comfort and security for your home.

Combined with a separately available WiFi router or gateway, you can control the Danalock lock remotely and connect it to cloud services, such as IFTTT and Google Nest. Other connection possibilities through ZigBee allow a perfect integration in home automation or home automation systems and extend the interoperability with other devices for the connected home and increase your smarthome experience .

Easy access

Never lose your keys again! With Danalock, you can easily open and close the door with your smartphone.

Access through the application

Use the free Danalock app and turn your smartphone into a digital key for each smart lock. Set up a widget with iOS (9.3 or later) and Android (4.4.4 or later) for quick access. For convenience, use your smart watch to control your lock.

Automatic unlocking

Full hands, no problem! Automatic unlocking simply opens your door when you approach your home (an additional Danalock Beacon device is required).

Shared access

No matter where you are, you can easily grant access to your home by sending permissions to other people, such as artisans. With the same ease, you can delete this permission in the application at any time.

Simple administration

Offer your family members, guests, artisans, housewives or nurses the kind of inflexible access you need to transfer the keys, simply from your smartphone. Manage as many locks and users as you want without limitations.

Individual access profile

Choose between permanent, recurrent or temporary access permissions and send the invitation via SMS or a registered Danalock user account.

Always updated

Receive notifications every time Danalock blocks or unlocks your door and gets information about important activities.

Stay informed when your children get home

Stay informed when some people open or close the lock with their smartphone. For example, allow push messages to be reported when your children have arrived safely at home or left home in time for activities.

For more security

If someone else connects with your user data on another mobile device, you will be alerted immediately.

Stay in control

As an administrator, keep a summary of all activities and see exactly who entered or left your home, and when.

Full activity record

The application provides a record that shows you which user has locked or unlocked the door with your smartphone, and when.

Data export

Export your activity record data as a CSV file and use it, for example, to track time in your office.

High level of security

Danalock uses the most advanced encryption method for data transfer. Each bit and each byte is encrypted twice, securely and protected against access from outside. Danalock's encryption method is as safe as online banking.

Note: Lock sold without cylinder or "bowler". Requires a specific cylinder (DANA_275753) that is of the "long cam" type or adapt another one on its own.


Bluetooth lock and ZigBee smart and connected
Connection via Bluetooth and ZigBee
Integration in compatible ZigBee drivers
Activity history
Different adjustment possibilities for closing and opening
Shared access: gives access to your housekeeper or friend for a limited period of time
Automatic calibration, even of slip of the mechanism
Easy to install
Operation with batteries, but allows to open with the key if necessary
Compatible with all doors with a profile cylinder Euro
Compatible with iOS (iPhone 4s or later), also with Android (from 4.4 onwards).


Encryption level (encryption): AES 256

Power supply: 4 x CR123A 3V batteries

Autonomy: about 9000 cycles

Material: anodized aluminum and ABS

Communication: Bluetooth 4.0 and ZigBee

Torque-force: 1.5 Nm

Dimensions: 60 mm x 65 mm (diameter x height)

Weight: 200g




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DANALOCK V3 ZigBee - Bluetooth and ZigBee smart lock

DANALOCK V3 ZigBee - Bluetooth and ZigBee smart lock

Smart lock to use with your smartphone to open and close doors. Bluetooth lock and ZigBee controllable with both technologies, allows automatic opening / closing based on GPS and automatic closing after arriving home. Motorized locking assistance with Twist Assist. Easy personalization and administration of guests with 3 levels of differentiated access.


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