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POPP Keypad keyboard for access control using Z-Wave



Z-Wave technology keyboard for use in combination with the integrated domotics for the opening and control of accesses of homes and offices as well as for the control of scenes and security parameters.

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Technical characteristics

Technology Z-Wave Plus

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The first keyboard enabled for Z-Wave and outdoor in the world of Smart Home!

The POPP keyboard can activate and deactivate your security system by using an individual Pin code. In addition, you can unlock the locks or locks connected without a key, but with a multi-digit code.

As soon as someone logs in with their personal PIN Code, they will be automatically informed. That's why it's very useful even when you're on your way home, and your children come home. The keyboard does not need a key, which children often lose and can be unsafe.

The POPP keyboard can store up to 20 different Pin codes. Each code can have 4 to 10 digits. Each individual PIN code has its own scene ID and can start other scenes. In addition, you can also see the different identifications of scenes to see, who and when they arrived at the residents' house. In addition, the keyboard has a separate bell button, which controls its own scene. That way, you can turn on a light and lower the volume of your hi-fi system when someone knocks on the door.

The keyboard is protected against sabotage and theft. The keyboard has an integrated magnetic sensor. If the keyboard moves without authorization, you will receive an insert message (gateway mode) immediately or a siren will be activated. In addition, a separate scene ID is used when an incorrect PIN code is entered. As a result, you know directly when someone uses the keyboard in an unauthorized manner.

An integrated multicolor LED shows, if the PIN Code was entered correctly and informs if the entered Code was transmitted successfully.

Stand alone and Gateway mode

The keyboard can be used in 2 different modes. First, it can be used in connection with a bolt or open door in Stand-Alone mode. For that you do not need a home automation controller or Z-Wave gateway because the keyboard is directly associated with the door opener.

Second, the keyboard can be used in the gateway or home automation mode. For that, the keyboard is connected to the controller and shown as a scene controller. Each access code gets its own scene identification. The bell button and the incorrect introduction of the code will be displayed with the proper scene IDs.


Keyboard with Pincode entering for entry control
20 different programmable PIN codes
PIN codes with 4 to 10 digits
Aluminum housing
For outdoor use and installation (IP44)
Colorful LED status and acoustic feedback
Integrated bell button
PIN codes can be used to activate different scenes
Wireless technology: Z-Wave Plus EU frequency 868.42 Mhz
Package content: 1x keyboard, 4 AAA batteries, 1x adhesive tape for wall mounting
Power supply: 4 AAA batteries or 5 V DC power adapter (not included)

Extended Z-Wave info

Name: Z-Wave Keypad
Z-Wave Certification Number:ZC10-17085733
Hardware Plattform:ZM5101
Role Type:Reporting Portable Controller
Short Description:12 button numerical keypad with extra ring button, can work as primary or as secondary controller
Description:This keypad is a security enabled Z-Wave Plus product. An security enabled Z-Wave controller must be used to fully utilize this product. The keypad allows securely controlling devices - such as door locks - and trigger actions in a gateway – such as arm/disarm alarm system– based on the entry of certain key codes. Additionally a bell key allows emulating a doorbell by operating e.g. a chimney or a light or both. The device can operate in two different modes. The mode is chosen the way the device is included into a Z-Wave network: (a) Stand Alone Mode. In this case the keypad acts as the primary network controller and will include other devices such as e.g. a strike lock control or a chimney. No other central controller is needed. The management of user codes is done using the keypad itself. (b) Network Mode. The keypad is included as additional device into an exiting network. In Z-Wave terms it will then act as secondary controller. It will send commands to a central controller and is managed by this controller. In this mode the device can still directly control door locks but it can also be used to trigger scenes in a central controller. The device is protected by a tamper switch sending out an alarm message when the enclosure is opened.

Manual download HERE.

Max Nodes
Z-Wave Plus Lifeline
Door Lock Control
Ring Button Control
Size (Bytes)
Default Value
Door Lock Automatic Secure Timeout
After this time a CLOSE command is sent to the controlled door lock. On default no CLOSE command is sent assuming that the strike lock has its own timeout set
Ring Button Press Basic Command OFF Timeout
After this time the Door Bell will receive an OF command regardless of the actuall button is pressed or not
Ring Button ON Command
This value is sent into Association Group 3 when the door bell button is pressed.
Ring Button OFF Command
This value is sent into Association Group 3 when the door bell button is released or the timeout has reached.
Central Scene ID for User Codes
This parameter defines if different user codes shall cause individual or similar scene ID sent to the main controller.
Buzzer Confirmation
This parameter defines if the internal buzzer shall be used to confirm button presses.
Door Lock
Association Group Info
Association V2
Central Scene V3
Device Reset Locally
Firmware Update Meta-Data V3
Manufacturer Specific V2
Notification V5
Security S0
Sensor Binary V2
User Code
Version V2
Wake Up V2
Z-Wave Plus Info V2
Device Wake-Up
Hit the RING button
Turn into Management Mode (remove cover), hit button 1 and confirm with * (Star Key)
Turn into Management Mode (remove cover), hit button 2 and confirm with * (Star Key)
Learn Mode (adding another controller)
Turn into Management Mode (remove cover), hit button 4 and confirm with * (Star Key)
Factory Reset
Turn into Management Mode (remove cover), hit button 5 and keep button * (star key) pushed for 10 seconds. This procedure should only be used when the primary controller is inoperable.
Z-Wave Scene Type
Indicates which of the two types of Z-Wave scene command classes are supported. Scenes or Central Scene
Battery Quantity
Enter the number of batteries of the designated type that the product uses.
Battery Type
Enter the type (e.g. AA, CR2032, AAA) of the battery/batteries that the product uses.
If the product is only available in one color, pick the color from the list.
Outdoor Use
Product is suitable for use outdoors.
Supported Notification Types
Select the Notification Types that the product handles (controllers), or sends (slaves).



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POPP Keypad keyboard for access control using Z-Wave

POPP Keypad keyboard for access control using Z-Wave

Z-Wave technology keyboard for use in combination with the integrated domotics for the opening and control of accesses of homes and offices as well as for the control of scenes and security parameters.


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