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DANALOCK - KABA Matrix DKZ 35-25 NI Extendible High Security Cylinder for DANALOCK V3



Adjustable safety cylinder for locking the Danalock V3 smart lock. Includes 3 security keys .

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Kaba maTrix is a system of locking cylinders of high security, with 3 rows of locking components arranged radially. Kaba maTrix plus cylinders can be supplied as individual locking cylinders, or trained in simple structure closure plans. The Kaba maTrix plus system has its corresponding certifications according to Standard UNE 1303 Class 6 for safety cylinders and new Twincode patent in force until 2033.

  • Kaba Matrix incorporates 3 rows of locking components and up to 16 steel pins.

In terms of physical safety (the resistance of the bowler against aggressive attacks such as breakage, extraction or drilling), these bowlers are highly safe

This safety cylinder is not only safer but also has a very easy installation. The Danalock integrates directly attached to the cylinder by the side of the sprat. This will provide a stable and secure connection between the cylinder and the Danalock. You do not have to change the lock on the door itself. Simply remove the existing cylinder and place the Danalock with the KABA MaTrix extendable cylinder.

The new adjustable cylinder is not only safe, but also allows a very simple and fast installation: the Danalock lock fits perfectly to the cylinder and vice versa. Easy installation to the Danalock thanks to the extendable cylinder on the inner and outer side

The Kaba matrix plus cylinders are totally safe against the bumping method.

  • Milling of keys Kaba

Kaba reversible keys are manufactured following a sliding guide milling procedure, with maximum precision and electronically controlled by computer. The keys are characterized by a high degree of safety, a low level of wear and absolute reliability.

  • Kaba reinforced cylinders

Optionally, Kaba matrix plus locking cylinders can be supplied with a special steel device, which reinforces the cylinder structure, thus increasing its resistance to attempts to open by force.

For your personal safety

Duplicate keys can only be requested at authorized Kaba centers, after identification and authentication of the requested data.

Investment guarantee

The Kaba MaTrix cylinders have a modular construction. Thus, in case of need, the Kaba authorized center can make changes quickly and easily. The modular construction increases the flexibility of the system and guarantees maximum investment security.

Compatibility with higher versions

The Kaba matrix plus cylinders are compatible with higher versions, thanks to the proximity chip system incorporated in the key. Only by changing the head, your mechanical key becomes a means of electronic identification.

  • Kaba key and cylinder systems are considered the safest on the market. Swiss precision, modern design and unparalleled comfort. In 1934 Kaba devised and patented the reversible key for the first time. Since then, they have been increasing their improvements and their security. Enjoy the advantages of the reversible key each time you open a door. The Kaba matrix key has unsurpassed precision, durability and ergonomics. The dormakaba cylinders go beyond simply closing a door. Special functions available that will improve your experience: "Double clutch, forget about a key placed inside the house, you can always access outside." LAM reinforcing steel sheets to avoid cylinder twisting. Characteristics of the system "3 rows of pythons arranged in radial form" Up to 16 pairs of pythons "Antibumping protection, anti-drill and against torsion and extraction." Security card that certifies the property with each cylinder "Includes 5 keys with option of 12 colors for the clip "Copy of key protected by patent Certificates" EN 1303 Degree of safety class 6 "EN 1303 Class 2 attack resistance (with steel plates of LAM reinforcement)" VdS BZ Function Extreme Protection system against extraction and torsion . Maximum security.

Good press from KABA MaTrix at the OCU


KABA MaTrix cylinder for Danalock lock
External length: 36 - 67 mm
Internal length: 25 - 60 mm
THREE physical keys included

Installation video next to the domotica lock and z wave lock by Danalock


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DANALOCK - KABA Matrix DKZ 35-25 NI Extendible High Security Cylinder for DANALOCK V3

DANALOCK - KABA Matrix DKZ 35-25 NI Extendible High Security Cylinder for DANALOCK V3

Adjustable safety cylinder for locking the Danalock V3 smart lock. Includes 3 security keys .

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