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FOSCAM KIT FN3108E-B4-1T NVR with PoE Standard + 4 IP PoE Cameras + 1T Disk included as standard



New KIT FN3108E-B4-1T with PoE STANDARD with NVR and integrated disk, with IP cameras with PoE. Preconfigured Just connect the power cable and cables to the cameras and you can enjoy HD quality from the first minute, using a monitor from the NVR

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PoE Si (Power Over Ethernet)

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Kit FN3108E-B4-1T with 4 PoE IP cameras of 1.0Mpx

Foscam has released its PoE kit where it integrates in a single device, the 8CH NVR functions (up to 8 channels / cameras) with an 8-port PoE Switch. This kit comes with what is necessary to connect and display the cameras directly. Includes a 1 Terabyte disk pre-installed so you do not have to make more investment. It also incorporates UTP cables for the cameras and also have it all without further expense. Do not miss detail in HD quality and connect from your phone with the Foscam App, from anywhere. Undoubtedly, this potent kit will surprise you.

It includes:

  • 1 NVR recorder of IP cameras with capacity of up to 8 IP cameras
  • 4 HD PoE IP cameras. They are HD 720p high definition IP cameras, elegant design, weather resistant and can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Each IP camera is connected simply by a single cable (included) that carries power and transmits the data (PoE is a standard system)
  • 1 1 TB hard drive already integrated. It can be expanded up to 4 TB
  • Cables
  • A USB mouse for recorder control
  • 1 HDMI cable to connect the recorder to a TV or monitor and control all functions

The recorder allows continuous recording of up to 8 high definition IP cameras (HD-720p) simultaneously. The recording is made continuously, automatically recycling the available space. As a recording medium, a 1 TB hard drive is included and can be extended to a 4 TB hard drive. IP cameras can be of Foscam brand or IP cameras of other manufacturers with ONVIF standard. The connection of other IP cameras with the recorder can be in two ways:

  • A single cable for each camera (included) that carries power and data, such as the included cameras, that is, a PoE connection, which is a universal standard format
  • A standard connection with RJ-45 network cable (each camera would require its own power supply)

The 4 IP cameras included, have infrared for night vision in total darkness (up to 20 m).

The IP recorder has its own internal software, so you do not need to install any software. This integrated program allows you to view the recordings organized by days and by each of the cameras.

Security is very important: Access control is by user and password and several users can be managed.

Compression using the H.264 standard allows you to store high quality video in a minimum space.

The performance of the set is designed for stability and for long-lasting protection. The circuits are protected in an effective way, to achieve permanent long-term operation.






Foscam FN3108XE-B4-1T

Video Entry IP Video Input 8 Ch HD IP Cameras
Video Output HD_Exit 1 × HD output
VGA Output 1 × VGA
Display Resolution 1920 × 1080 / 60Hz, 1280 × 720 / 60Hz, 1440 × 900 / 60Hz, 1024 × 768 / 60Hz
Camera Sensor Type 1/4 "CMOS
Lens Type f: 2.8mm, F: 1.2
Video quality 1.0 Megapixel (1280 * 720)
Angle vision Diagonal: 75 ° Horizontal: 70 °
IR Range 20m
Recording Recording Resolution 720P per channel (8ch @ 720P)
Recording Mode Manual / scheduled recording / Motion Detection
Compression Format H.264
Playback Synchro Playback 4 chl 720P Synchro Video Playback
Playback mode Fast forward / Fast backward / Frame forward / Slow Play
HDD HDD 1TB hard drive (pre-installed)
Capacity Up to 4TB
Connection Network 1 × 10/100 Mbps RJ45 port
USB Interface 2 × USB2.0 interface Mouse and external storage
Connection 1 × Power on / off button, 1 × Reset button
software Operating systems Microsoft Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, Mac OS
Browsers Microsoft IE8 and higher, Firefox, Safari
Smartphone iOS, Android, 3G / 4G Smartphones
Languages Languages Multi-languages (Chinese, English, French, Hungarian, Czech, Dutch, Greek, Russian, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German)
general Motion detection
Outdoor IP66
PoE standard
Video Format H.264
Feeding DC 19V / 4.75A
Dimensions (L * W * H) 234mm * 234mm * 52mm
Net Weight (g) 1200g
Work temperature -10 ° C ~ 55 ° C (-4 ° F ~ 131 ° F)
Work humidity 20% ~ 85% non-condensing
Storage Temperature -20 ° C ~ 60 ° C (-4 ° F ~ 140 ° F)
Storage Humidity 0% ~ 90% non-condensing
IP camera in HD vs No-HD

A high definition Foscam (HD) camera is named for the number of pixels that make up the image. All Foscam IP cameras with HD images have at least 1 MILLION pixels, while a standard resolution camera has about 345,600 pixels of resolution. Therefore Foscam cameras with HD are ideal for facial recognition and for vehicle license plates. IP cameras Foscam with the HD specification are the most interesting for its application in the field of image-based security, at an affordable price and with extraordinary quality.

With Foscam IP cameras, in general, you can view from a computer, in real time, using any internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari ...).
You will also visualize from the mobile phone, either with Android or with iPhone, using the different free applications of the manufacturer Foscam. With applications you can manage and record images, videos and even audio depending on the case. Most models have alarms by motion detection allowing also to plan the days of the week and the hours of the day in which this function is activated. The IP Foscam camera will send you an email with an image if it detects movement. You can also record online video using the browser or smartphone applications. They have almost all indoor models of Foscam audio bidirectional. It is powerful and versatile the function of Multi-camera Foscam that allows managing up to 9 cameras from a single screen, accessing a single IP camera as the link between the rest of cameras Foscam.

Start enjoying the tranquility offered by Foscam with the model that best suits your needs: you have a wide range of models of interior, exterior, MJPEG, H264, Motorized, WIFI or PoE, with Zoom ...

Overview of the Foscam IP Camera kits

Marketed as IP cameras - they allow you to keep an eye on your properties and domains, as well as your office, your business, your farm, your family and your pets. These cameras provide video and audio in real time and are very practical because they can be accessed remotely using an Internet browser or an app on the mobile. However, many IP cameras on the market are vulnerable to cybercriminals and digital espionage, making security one of the key features when deciding to buy and use IP cameras. Due to our knowledge and commitment to cybersecurity our IP cameras are scrupulously selected complying with strict security and privacy criteria in the IoT.

Domestic, business, commercial or office video surveillance with IP cameras has lately become an option available to any user who wants to have greater control over the security of their assets. The broadband connections of almost any home or business and the ability to easily install and connect cameras to the Internet have driven multiple IP video surveillance options that do not require large outlays. Our systems can be applied for multiple purposes: for example the control of minors, baby monitors, the surveillance of a country house or second residence remotely, or the checking of guidelines or behaviors in a store or a remote video surveillance business. Let's not forget in any case, that despite the many advantages offered by IP cameras, we must take into account in certain cases that having installed IP video surveillance systems requires us to comply with the Organic Law on Data Protection ( LOPD).

IP cameras Foscam

Original IP cameras Foscam

In the market there are many replicas or versions of these IP cameras. Our IP cameras are original Foscam, with technical support, warranty, quality control and CE marking according to the regulations and legislations in force in Europe.



We offer European Warranty with all our Foscam cameras for a period of 2 years, which we manage directly with the manufacturer, to offer you total satisfaction.


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FOSCAM KIT FN3108E-B4-1T NVR with PoE Standard + 4 IP PoE Cameras + 1T Disk included as standard

FOSCAM KIT FN3108E-B4-1T NVR with PoE Standard + 4 IP PoE Cameras + 1T Disk included as standard

New KIT FN3108E-B4-1T with PoE STANDARD with NVR and integrated disk, with IP cameras with PoE. Preconfigured Just connect the power cable and cables to the cameras and you can enjoy HD quality from the first minute, using a monitor from the NVR

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