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EnGenius EWS377AP Neutron Series Indoor managed wireless access point



Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax)
2.4 GHz / 5 GHz (dual band)
1 x 2.5 Gb / s Ethernet PoE + port
MU-MIMO & OFDMA technologies

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Increase wireless capacity in high-density locations with EnGenius' Neutron EWS377AP 802.11ax 4x4 indoor managed wireless access point. This dual-band access point is compatible with Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), a wireless standard that leverages technologies such as multi-user MIMO and OFDMA to increase network speed and efficiency.

EnGenius Neutron EWS377AP 802.11ax 4x4 Managed Indoor Wireless Access Point incorporates 802.11ax technology, which deepens and expands Wi-Fi capabilities and leverages EnGenius management and AP features at the enterprise level for use in high capacity environments. The thin, low-profile AP is loaded with new hardware components, such as a Qualcomm chipset, to run more efficiently and consume less power at maximum theoretical speeds of 1,148 Mbps (2.4 GHz frequency) and 2,400 Mbps (5 GHz frequency). To give your network high security, WPA3 and WPA2-EAS make the connection between the client and IoT devices safer and easier.

Features and benefits
Dual 802.11ax architecture concurrent and compatible with 11ac / a / b / g / n client devices.
WPA3 and WPA2-EAS authentication support
3 dBi integrated 4x4 antenna
It supports up to 2,400 Mbps in the 5 GHz frequency band and 1,148 Mbps in the 2.4 GHz frequency band.
2.5 Gigabit Gigabit Ethernet PoE port for flexible power options
Local and remote management through EWS and ezMaster management switches at no cost.
Choice of AP, AP mesh, or mesh operation to meet your management and deployment needs

Next generation Wi-Fi
Neutron series AX access points take advantage of 11ax technology, which allows more efficient use of channels, reduces latency between the AP and client devices and provides innovative functions, such as the up and down link of OFDMA, time target activation, MU-MIMO uplink and downlink, BSS coloring, spatial reuse and preamble updates.

OFDMA (both uplink and downlink): allows more efficient use of the channel, reduces latency between the AP and client devices, and offers compatibility with 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.
1024 QAM: increases performance by 25% and provides greater reliability over short distances
SRS coloration: label packages with a "color" to differentiate between sets of adjacent basic services to help minimize co-channel interference (ICC).
Spatial reuse: it identifies the different "colors" by means of the BSS coloration and transmits simultaneously in the same channel, which reduces the waiting time and reduces the containment; determines whether the transmission will be deferred or reused in the channel.
Uplink and downlink of MU-MIMO: supports up to eight client devices and provides greater network efficiency, focuses radio energy on specific users and guarantees optimum signal and reception reliability.
Target activation time (TWT): reduces energy consumption, schedules activation times and prolongs the customer's battery life of mobile and IO devices.
Longer OFDM symbols: allows shorter wait times between data transmissions and tolerates more noise, allowing greater coverage.
Flexibility in implementation
The new Neutron 11ax line of high-performance, managed access points, for ceiling and wall mounting indoors, consists of 2x2 11ax dual-band for general use and a 4x4 version of dual-band 11ax for high-capacity use that are Ready to be deployed immediately. Configure APs individually as separate units, manage up to 50 locally for each neutron switch or use ezMaster software to control more than 1,000 APs.

Optimize connectivity with Wireless Mesh on certain models
Use the mesh access point mode on the neutron access points for later installation or for new applications where the use of cables is not possible. Mesh smart detection technology adds devices quickly, optimizes routes between access points and automatically autocurates the network in case an access point loses the connection.

The latest in Wi-Fi security
With Neutron 11ax access points (WiFi 6), your network is protected by WPA3, which offers state-of-the-art wireless security by making the connection of clients and IoT devices more secure and simple, as well as WPA2-AES. The high level of security expected and demanded by companies now also protects SMEs.

Secure Guest Networks
Organizations that offer Internet access to customers or visitors, especially hotels, shops and restaurants, will appreciate the capabilities of the Neutron guest network. Establish a secure guest network that blocks access to major corporate computers. Create separate virtual LAN networks to increase security, network reliability and bandwidth conservation.

Power over Ethernet Convenience
All Neutron 11ax access points support 1 and 2.5 Gigabit PoE ports, allowing location in discrete locations where power outlets are scarce or unavailable. Power the access points through an Ethernet cable connected directly to a Gigatron PoE + switch managed by Neutron or with a PoE adapter up to a distance of 328 feet from the power supply.

Simplified implementation and provisioning
In combination with neutron switches and ezMaster network management software, Neutron 11ax APs are automatically detected and provisioned. Individual or massive configurations and updates with just one click save time. In addition, these access points are quickly and easily deployed and operated by users with limited network experience.

Manage up to 50 access points with neutron switches
In small environments, any neutron-managed switch can act as a wireless controller capable of managing up to 50 neutron EWS access points. IT administrators have access to all connected Neutron devices and a complete set of Layer 2 management tools. Choose between 8, 24 and 48 port PoE + switch models with flexible deployment and management options.


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EnGenius EWS377AP Neutron Series Indoor managed wireless access point

EnGenius EWS377AP Neutron Series Indoor managed wireless access point

Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax)
2.4 GHz / 5 GHz (dual band)
1 x 2.5 Gb / s Ethernet PoE + port
MU-MIMO & OFDMA technologies

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