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Bipolar Rearmable Differential Switch 30 mA 40A



Differential Rearmable WITH DISPLAY that allows us to have an Auto-rearmes counter on the screen. Superimmunized Class A 2-pole curve (phase and neutral) of 30 mA sensitivity and up to 40A of intensity of Domestic, Tertiary and Industrial range.

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With this Rearmable Differential Switch or automatic reset, which allows you to read on your numerical screen the number of shots or cuts that have occurred, you can prevent situations of lack of current and access the following applications: in the event of a thunderstorm or eventual leakage in the electrical network, shots are produced in the differential protection. If in the room where the difference / s was installed there is no one present that detects the absence of current, this trip could cause, among others, the following consequences:

Rearmable Differential Switch for use in the domestic field:

- Assaulted housing (the security system would have exhausted the emergency batteries)

- Food in storage in the fridge and freezer could deteriorate due to lack of cold

- The grass, plants and flowers of the garden could dry out due to lack of irrigation

- Aquarium fish could die from deficiencies in oxygenation and water filtration

- The domotic systems would be out of service due to lack of power supply

Differential Switch Rearmable for use in the commercial and industrial field:

- Trade, office or ship assaulted (the security system would have exhausted the emergency batteries)

- Perishable goods deposited in cold rooms and freezers deteriorate or break the cold chain

- Computers and supervision systems would stop working due to lack of power or they would end up draining the batteries of the UPS

- The refrigeration and air conditioning systems of small server rooms would stop working and could cause serious problems in the computer systems.

- The loss of current and the unintentional closure of the servers can lead to serious consequences

- The control systems, automation, home automation and inmotica are out of service due to lack of power supply

This rearmable differential is certified for both domestic use and industrial or tertiary use. However, this single-phase rearmable differential model of 40A and 30 milliamps is the usual one for use in homes. It is the rearmable differential to replace the conventional differential of most homes with consumption or protection equal to or less than 40A. It is generally known, when we have a 40A general switch in the house.

Explanatory video of the operation of the Rearmable Differential of Chint (courtesy of Miguel Angel Vadillo)

Summary of Rearmable Differential Switch with DISPLAY :

In most cases (> 95%) when your differential protection is triggered, a simple manual reconnection solves the problem, since it is not a permanent leak but something sporadic / circumstancial.
If you do not have a rearmable differential or REC automatic recloser, this simple manual reconnection maneuver can become a serious problem if nobody is nearby or if you are not even aware of the differential trigger:

  • Food spoils in the refrigerator
  • Plants shrivel due to lack of irrigation
  • The water in the pool deteriorates
  • The alarm system does not protect you
  • Automatic garage door does not work
  • Your farm can suffer serious damage
  • The mobile phone has no coverage (failure in telephony repeaters)
  • The ATM does not work
  • Streets and squares are dark
  • The traffic lights stop working ...
Rearmable differential with 2 years warranty

With a differential with automatic reconnection or also called differential resettable or autoarmables differential, in the case of tripping resettable differential is again restore power within a short time (a few seconds) avoiding costly losses. In addition, thanks to its DIGITAL DISPLAY, we can know the number of jumps occurred , in addition to collecting the cut signals in auxiliary systems, through its signaling contacts.

Installing self-arming differentials, its installation will be safe and efficient, saving costly and in many cases, irreparable losses through the automatic rearming of the differential.

This rearmable differential guarantees the continuity of the electricity supply avoiding economic losses:

· Possibility of remote control, using the connections for it indicated in diagram
· Programming of the number of rearmes and time between rearmes
· On-screen reading of the number of shots made, by its digital display
· Available for single-phase as well as three-phase installations

Certifications Differential Rearmable

Technical details of the rear-mount differential Chint RE-NL1:

  • Selectable automatic reconnections: 0, 1, 3, 5 and 7
  • Selectable reconnection time: 10, 30, 60, 120 and 180 seconds
  • Digital LED counter-display that indicates number of shots of the rearmable differential
  • Remote contact (NOC) for TEST / RESET
  • Output contact (NOC) for status indication
  • Leakage in alternating current
  • Cutting power 10kA
  • Tension of use: 240/415 V AC

Class: Class A immunized cutting curve , this class allows the detection of alternate or pulsating leakage currents with or without continuous component applied suddenly or with increasing value. Differential circuit breakers of this kind are particularly suitable for protecting equipment with electronic components powered directly by the electrical network without the connection of transformers, such as those used to correct or regulate the current by varying a physical quantity (speed, temperature, luminous intensity). , etc.). These devices can generate a pulsating DC current with a continuous component that the type A differential switch can detect. In summary, for an installation in which there are electronic equipment and equipment that can rectify the sine wave, it is advisable to use a rearmable Class A differential.

  • Cable connection capacity 25mm2
  • Cutting power: 10kA
  • Operating voltage: 400 / 230V AC
  • European regulations UNE-EN61008-1
  • Number of selectable reconnections: 0-1-3-5-7
  • Selectable reclosure time: 10-30-60-120-180 sec.
  • Local defect signaling
  • Auxiliary contact for remote control
  • Contact for Remote Test and Reset
  • Cable connection capacity up to 35mm2
  • Dimensions: 2 poles 90 mm and 4 poles 126 mm
  • Classes and use: Class A cutting curve = AC and DC pulsating leaks. Immunized Class A. Domestic, Industrial and Tertiary

Dimensions of the rearmable differential to calculate spaces in electrical panel:

2 Poles = 5 modules = 90mm occupation in box

4 Poles = 7 modules = 126mm of occupation in frame

High quality. Complies with UNE-EN61008-1 regulations

Resettable differential available in various intensities and sensitivities: CONSULT




Con display

Sin duda, mi elección es con display, para poder visualizar el numero de veces que salta el diferencial. Imprescindible.


Rearmable diferencial

Diferencial Rearmable muy util para saber además cuantas veces ha saltado el diferencial gracias a su display



Me llego muy rapido el diferencial


BIen, rápido

Todo bien , entrega muy rapido , y el interruptor coresponde a la descripcion de mi pedido, y funccion bien ! Muy contento de provedor



Leidos los comentarios nada que añadir, de acuerdo con todos.
A mi también me ha mejorado el problema.


Me llego enseguida

La entrega fue rápida. Gracias


Mucho mejor

Muy bien desde que me lo pusieron. Salta menos y cuando salta el diferencial rearmable y no estamos no es un problema


Diferencial Rearmable bien de precio

Envío rápido y el producto es de buena calidad. Este Diferencial rearmable nos ha resuelto el problema.


Opinion muy buena

Ha solucionado con creces mi problemas de saltos de luz repentinos o al menos no me afectan como antes. Cuando salta la luz el solo se rearma y cuando veo que lleva algunos rearmes le reseteo.

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.


Me ha resultado muy útil ya que en mi casa se iba la luz sin saber por qué. Desde que tenemos este diferencial salta bastante menos y cuando salta se rearma rápidamente sin apenas corte de corriente. Cuando lleva 4 o 5 saltos en el display lo reseteo para que siga rearmando.

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

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Bipolar Rearmable Differential Switch 30 mA 40A

Bipolar Rearmable Differential Switch 30 mA 40A

Differential Rearmable WITH DISPLAY that allows us to have an Auto-rearmes counter on the screen. Superimmunized Class A 2-pole curve (phase and neutral) of 30 mA sensitivity and up to 40A of intensity of Domestic, Tertiary and Industrial range.


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