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VIAROOM Home- Controlador domótico autónomo con IA



Viaroom Home is a home automation controller that continuously learns your habits and automates your home.

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Viaroom Home, your home learns for you.
Turn lights on and off, set the heating to 22 ° C, turn on the washing machine, close the garage door, open and close the blinds, close the front door, control the watering of the garden ... Every day.

How to save time in domestic tasks without controlling the objects that surround us?

Viaroom Home is a home automation controller that continuously learns your habits and automates your home.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, Viaroom Home anticipates your daily tasks. Learn only from your actions and automate your lighting, heat every room in your house, blinds, water your garden, close the doors when you leave the house and more.

Intelligent and easy to use, without manual programming, without development, without complex applications and without monthly fees.

House connected? House charged.
Your home requires constant attention, 24/7.

Turn on the lights every morning, do not forget to turn them off when you leave, put heat in each room, turn off the oven when dinner is ready, close the main door at night, control the irrigation of the garden and save money. energy ...

A revolution for your home. And for you too.
Viaroom Home protects your home during your absence and offers you incredible comfort as soon as you walk in the door.

It connects to your smart objects, such as thermostats, outputs, light bulbs, connected locks and more. Automatically performs flexible programming for your home that allows you to save time on your domestic chores.

By continually learning your habits, Viaroom Home automates your lighting and heating, secures your home and helps you save energy. Remove up to 90% of daily household chores; so you can concentrate on what is really important and enjoy your free time with family and friends. Viaroom Home gives you peace of mind and improves your security because you no longer have to worry about whether the front door is closed and you have not forgotten an open window. With Viaroom Home, lighting, heating, the oven and the washing machine are used in the most efficient way. Make significant savings on your energy bills.

Viaroom Home also integrates with Alexa and Google Home products.

A cook at home.
Imagine that your smart objects (light bulbs, thermostats, connected locks, blinds and more) are the ingredients of a gourmet menu.

Viaroom Home is the chef who cooks for you every day. As you learn your preferences and tastes, the chef knows that you love your rare meat, with a little salt, without pepper and zucchini. This is exactly the way he will prepare it for you.

Also, he knows the moment you return home every day and your dinner will be ready as soon as you walk in the door.

Enjoy your smart home!

Relax. You are in your home.
Stop worrying and start enjoying your home. Viaroom Home has everything under control. Now you can enjoy your free time!

Viaroom Home learns every day the best way to help you manage your home.

The Viaroom team has developed the most sophisticated artificial intelligence ever designed for a connected home. It has been created for you: you no longer have to worry about daily household chores, Viaroom Home automates and coordinates your connected objects and adapts continuously to all the changes in your daily life.

Your home is always ready: when you change your heating preferences, change jobs, change your transportation schedule or your mother-in-law visits you unexpectedly, Viaroom Home automatically learns and puts everything in its place for you.

Your data is protected.
The planning of your house is encrypted and stored inside Viaroom Home. Therefore, your home can continue to operate even if your internet is down. In addition, your connected objects are better protected thanks to Viaroom Firewall, which actively secures your smart home.

At your service.
Viaroom Home learns about your daily actions, how to turn lights on and off, adjust the temperature to 22 °, close the front door at night, lower the blinds at dusk, operate the automatic irrigation at night ...

No longer do you have to control all the things that surround you, Viaroom Home is smart in taking care of daily tasks that take a long time. The lights come on just before entering a room and go out to save energy, the heat always adjusts to the temperature you need and your home is always safe.

And most importantly, it does not require manual programming, nor development, nor technical experience, nor even permanent control from your smartphone or tablet. Your house simply becomes intelligent.

Each house is unique.
Your home is smarter and easier to manage with Viaroom Home. The main systems for home automation and connected objects are already compatible.

Do you have Philips Hue bulbs, an assistant from Google Home or Amazon Echo? Or maybe you would prefer the intelligent lights of Osram? Have you already installed an advanced home automation system like Vera or Fibaro? Do you prefer Aeotec plugs? Do you find that Danfoss thermostats are very beautiful?

Be quiet Viaroom Home already works with these connected systems. And there is more to come because we are constantly adding new features.

Installed in less than 5 minutes.
Request your Viaroom Home at or at your favorite store.

Once received, connect it to your internet box.

Create your free account at Select your domotic systems from the list and indicate your connected objects.

You are ready! Viaroom Home has already begun to learn and will be able to help you in the coming days. Enjoy!

Breakfast is ready.
Viaroom Home helps you start the day without problems. The temperature is perfect when you get up, the lights come on gradually. Enjoy your coffee!

Are you leaving hurriedly? Do not worry, Viaroom Home will turn off the lights and the heating behind you. You will also check that your entrance door is closed.

New job? Does your mother-in-law visit you?
Viaroom Home continuously learns and automatically adapts to all the changes in your life.

Your new needs are detected intelligently and everything will be set up for the next day, without being disturbed. Your new programming is ready!

A bit hollow at 2 in the morning?

Well ... this time you're alone. But Viaroom Home will be ready when you wake up tomorrow morning: lighting, heating ... Enjoy your toast!


Domotic controller with artificial intelligence.
Add intelligence to your home automation box
Learn your habits and create automation.
It automatically adapts to all the changes in your life.
Works with Alexa and Google Home products.
Compatible with Vera and Fibaro domotic boxes.


Processor: Quad core (4x) Amlogic S805, 1.5Ghz
Memory: 1 GB DDR3 RAM
Flash memory: 8 GB EMMC Flash
Power supply: DC 5V (2A) (included)
Network connection: 10/100 Base-T Ethernet RJ45 interface
WiFi: 2.4 Ghz (inactive in the current software version)
1 USB 2.0
Micro SD memory card: 1
HDMI: 1 (inactive in the current software version)
AV: 1 (inactive in the current software version)
Remote control: IR
Operating temperature: 10 - 40 ° C
Accessories: Power supply, HDMI cable, IR remote control, battery
Dimensions: 128 x 127 x 26 mm.
Compliance: FCC ID of the EU / FCC: 2AOK3-VH11020


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VIAROOM Home- Controlador domótico autónomo con IA

VIAROOM Home- Controlador domótico autónomo con IA

Viaroom Home is a home automation controller that continuously learns your habits and automates your home.

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