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ZIPATO Zipabox 2 multisystem home automation controller



The Zipabox home automation controller automatically speaks to all connected devices in the house so that users can control them locally or remotely. Supports multiple protocols / systems according to the installed modules (not included)

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Everyone wants to be able to control their home from anywhere and automate routine activities around the house. Protecting the home, saving energy and making life easier are obvious benefits, but the real challenge is how to do it easily and at a lower cost.

The Zipato Zipabox 2 home automation controller uses advanced technology to hide the complexity of the home network, providing a smart and simple home. It connects to any electrical outlet and automatically talks to all connected devices in the house, connecting them to the Internet so that users can control them via digital tablets, smartphones, computers or TV, at home or at home. Also at a distance.

Simple to install and easy to use, the Zipabox is much cheaper and feature-rich than traditional custom solutions. Zipabox2 is the new brain of the connected and intelligent home.

How does Zipabox2 make every home smart?

The Zipabox 2 controller has the ability to communicate with a variety of protocols such as Z-Wave, ZigBee, KNX, ONVIF, UPnP, and DLNA (via optional extensions). Additionally, the capabilities of the Zipabox controller can be easily expanded by adding expansion modules that support new interfaces and functions, communication protocols and standards, and more.

Once configured, the Zipabox becomes autonomous, but it also has the support of the platform to benefit from supervision, messaging and scheduling services. The intuitive user interface allows users to program their own rules and scenarios without any prior programming experience.

A simple and intuitive rule creation interface

Inspired by the "Scratch" project at MIT, Zipato has developed an online graphical tool for simple and fun automation programming. By using Zipato Rule Builder, users can easily create or modify any automation process in their home without any prior experience in programming or automation.

Like a puzzle, this tool offers pre-created puzzle blocks where you can drag and drop different device icons and link them based on their shapes and colors. A true child's play!

Events can be triggered by:

Conditions (various)
Change of state of a device.
A schedule
Sunrise / sunset (scrolling)
By email received
Security Panel Events
Corresponding infrared codes
Recurring at regular intervals (seconds / minutes)
Event Actions
In response to event triggers, any available action can be taken, for example:

Submit a lighting order
Send an email
Run a script
Trigger another event
Media Player Features
Webcam features

Take control from anywhere in the world

From almost anywhere, on the road, in your office or on the beach, you can easily follow your home. With the Zipato mobile app on your iOS or Android mobile device, you'll be aware even when you're on the go.

You can activate or deactivate the alarm system, receive text and video alerts about event detection in your home, view live video through security cameras, adjust lights or thermostats, and more.

Note: The Zipabox 2 does not integrate any home automation protocol. The different extensions available allow you to choose the desired protocol (s).


Home automation controller
Intuitive and easy-to-use user interface
Free app for iOS
Free Android App
Features an intuitive graphical programming tool that eliminates the need for complex programming or computer code
An online tool that allows you to add or modify anything in your settings whenever you want and from anywhere in the world.
No programming knowledge is required.
Protection and security:
Unlimited number of virtual alarms (partitions)
Up to 233 two-way wireless zones.
Activate alarms in case of:
Intruders (motion detectors and door / window sensors),
Fire (smoke detectors),
Floods (water leak sensors),
Gases (CO detectors),
Panic button,
Restriction (if someone forces you to disarm the system)
Medical care (in case of absence of actions for a certain time, for example, movement, opening the door, lying in bed ...)
Remote arm / disarm and status information from any smartphone
Anti-vandalism: Zipabox is monitored 24/24 h and 7/7 d by the platform that activates the alarm in case of loss of connection.
Arm / disarm commands can be used in scenes and automation rules
Easy integration with existing alarm systems (DSC, Honeywell ...)
Easy online installation and configuration via web interface
Using the same sensors for security and automation.
the lighting:
Easy installation of wireless modules.
Remote control of dimming and on / off with any Smartphone
Automatic lighting of lights at dusk and extinction at dawn.
Unlimited number of scenes supported
Turn on the lights in an emergency.
Advanced configuration of event-based rules
Automatic and random lighting programs to discourage intruders when the house is empty.
Heating / Cooling:
Multi-zone heating and cooling control from any smartphone.
Advanced online programmer programming, accessible via Internet browser.
Easily create an unlimited number of measurement zones (thermostats)
Multi-zone humidity control using standard humidifiers and dehumidifiers.
Using Internet Weather Streams to Schedule Your Home Weather Conditions
Create event-based rules to automate your home's climate from other environmental events
Integrate temperature control into automation scenes with alarm, lighting, blinds, etc.
Notification and automated actions in case of excessively high temperatures, power outages and other incidents ...
Roller blinds / blinds:
Control blinds, curtains and pergolas with any Smartphone.
Automate engines using the simple and fun online programming tool.
Add your shutter controls in common scenarios with lighting, heating, alarms ...
Automate your awnings to react to outside weather conditions.
Control an unlimited number of irrigation areas.
Use advanced online scheduling options to set up a perfect irrigation process
Automate the irrigation system according to the Internet weather forecast.
Integrate your irrigation system with the automation scenarios of your home.

Access control:
Lock / unlock the door remotely with a smartphone
Open / close your garage door or remote door with any smartphone
Receive a video notification when the door is open
Use RFID tags to open doors and get detailed entry / exit statistics
Automate doors / locks using scenarios and events
Trigger automation events when door lock codes are entered
Automatic unlocking of doors in case of emergency.
Remotely control your audio / video devices with any smartphone
Automatically turn on your favorite shows when they start and get alerts
Automatic shutdown of A / V devices at preset times or when the room is unoccupied
Automatic activation of equipment to discourage intruders.
Video surveillance:
Access live and recorded videos over the web and from any smartphone.
Supports most available IP cameras - ONVIF standard support
Receive notifications by email and SMS with photos and live videos
Remote control of motorized Pan-Tilt cameras.
Create events based on video recording and notification rules
Energy measurement:
Monitor your energy consumption in real time and receive notifications from smartphones
Compare energy consumption and costs for different areas.
Automatically turn on / off your devices to reduce your electricity bills
See a detailed analysis of your energy consumption.
Save energy by automating lighting, heating, blinds ...


CPU: ARM Cortex-A7 Quad Core 1.3GHz
256 MB RAM
4GB flash
OS: Linux 4.x Kernel
Power supply: 9-12VDC (supplied adapter) or PoE (optional)
Internal backup battery (900mAh)
Consumption: 2.4W maximum
100BASE-TX Ethernet
WiFi 802.11 bgn
Bluetooth 4.0
Z-Wave, ZigBee, EnOcean, etc., via optional extension module not included
Inputs / Outputs and LEDs:
2 programmable buttons
2 programmable green LEDs
1 programmable RGB LED
LEDs for power, status, Ethernet, WLAN
One USB 2.0 port
Dimensions: 86 x 86 x 47 mm.
Operating temperature: 0 ° C to 40 ° C.
Storage temperature: -25 ° C to 70 ° C.
Humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing
Certifications: UL, EMC, FCC, CE, RoHS


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ZIPATO Zipabox 2 multisystem home automation controller

ZIPATO Zipabox 2 multisystem home automation controller

The Zipabox home automation controller automatically speaks to all connected devices in the house so that users can control them locally or remotely. Supports multiple protocols / systems according to the installed modules (not included)


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