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    59,00 €
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    The garage door is one of the entries that are still frequently overlooked in your home. The Aeotec garage door controller brings you the intelligence of the connected home based on Z-Wave to your home or business. It easily connects to the existing motor of your garage door, improving it notably with a set of security and surveillance sensors.

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    The RaZberry 2 unit converts each Raspberry PI into a gateway or control unit for home automation with Z-Wave Plus technology. RaZberry is a GPIO adapter for RaspberryPi. Enter the Z-Wave domotica with Raspberry. It is compatible with Raspberry PI model B, model B + and Raspberry PI 2.

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    This RFID card is used together with the Doorbird video door phones of the D21x series.

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    Plug controlled via Z-Wave for on / off function of EverSpring. Conventional Schuko format with ground connection and valid for loads up to 3500W

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    Retractable micro-module hidden in the Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 mechanism box to control louvers, blinds, awnings, garage doors and other devices either wirelessly via Z-Wave or with a switch.

    59,99 €
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    Wireless Z-Wave + actuator for switching loads of 3 A / 230 V. It is used to control hot water boilers or magnetic valves

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    The Z-Wave wireless water meter mod. Secure SWM 301, is a module powered by batteries to report water measurements of the SENSUS meter of the series Residia Jet (metalic) and Residia Jet-C (made of composite)

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    Control unit or gateway controller Z-Wave and Zigbee ZATO ZIPATO controller. An interesting option of Z-Wave home automation if we also want to have an alarm system without quotas.

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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items